Important Information

A lot of customers ask if they should have their transmission hooked to a machine and a power flush done.  Most places that offer this service are not familiar with an automatic transmission and how it works.

If you are experiencing problems, it is not recommended to have the power flush.  It could cause more damage.  Also, most places do not change your transmission's filter.  The filter is the heart of the transmission.  While the machine is running, it is circulating fluid through the filter.  Any contaminants that are in the transmission collect in the filter and can cause a restricted fluid flow and can cause the transmission to overheat and do damage.

The proper way to perform this service is to totally flush the transmission and then remove the transmission pan and replace the filter.

Remember, it is always best to have your transmission checked before power flushing by a professional transmission expert and never have a power flush done without changing the filter.

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